WWE 205 LIVE:6 Man Tag team Match in Royal Rumber 2018

WWE 205 LIVE:6 Man Tag team MatchWWE 205 LIVE:6 Man Tag team Match in Royal Rumber 2018

 Itz Royal Rumber 2018…

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Jack stands in the ring, eyes focused on Kendrick as Brian yells “I’m a fighter!” Gallagher with some big strikes early on, Kendrick grabs the umbrella, goes for a swing, but it’s blocked. Gallagher then goes to work on Kendrick’s back as he bails out of the ring. Following his opponent out, Gallagher with a running dropkick sending Kendrick out to the crowd. Kendrick is getting destroyed so far, getting thrown into barricades, cases, and even the screen on the stage. Action makes it’s way back into the ring, but Kendrick is sent right out to the floor. Gallagher begins to dismantle the announcer table. He heads over and Kendrick nails him with a kendo stick, then slams Jack’s head into the steel steps over and over.

Gallagher gets his foot tied into the ring apron ties and Kendrick swings for the fences a few more times. Ringside Doctor checks out Gallagher as Kendrick taunts the crowd. Looks like Gallagher got busted open on one of those whacks against the steps. Kendrick brings a ring bell into the ring and smacks his opponent’s head on it, then locks in the Captain’s Hook with the help of a kendo stick to get the win.

Winner: The Brian Kendrick via Submission

– Backstage, Dasha Fuentes talks with Noam Dar, Drew Gulak, and Tony Nese. Dar says he may have underestimated Enzo on Raw and that Enzo didn’t beat him, he beat himself. Gulak jumps in and feels like Enzo is going to tarnish the good name of 205 Live. Tony is counting his abs and is completely over talking about Enzo.

– TJ Perkins joins commentary, still on crutches and with a knee brace.

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