SmackDown’s first Mixed Match Challenge|Charlotte Flair and Bobby Roode|WWE

SmackDown’s first Mixed Match Challenge|Charlotte Flair and Bobby Roode|WWE

Raw’s first team caused some friction for Team Rude. SmackDown General Manager’s Daniel Bryan’s opening gambit for Team Blue in the Mixed Match Challenge – a new Facebook Watch series from WWE with teams of male and female Superstars competing for $100K for a charity of their choice – could generate fireworks from a duo fans have already dubbed “Team Robe”…

SmackDown Women’s champion Charlotte Flair and former NXT titleholder Bobby Roode are gonna work on their “WOO”s (and get matching robes, natch). Will that be enough to take them to victory over Raw’s Alexa Bliss/Braun Strowman team… and the other ten pairs who will be revealed between now and the series’ Jan. 16 premiere?

Still awaiting their assignments (and a vote to decide which member represents their team):

Alicia Fox, Asuka, Bayley, Finn Bálor, Goldust, Nia Jax, Sasha Banks, The Miz, Samoa Joe and whoever replaces Enzo Amore, Becky Lynch, Carmella, Jimmy Uso, Lana, Naomi, Natalya, Rusev, Sami Zayn, Shinsuke Nakamura and The New Day

Stay tuned!

Raw’s first Mixed Match Challenge|Braun Strowman and Alexa Bliss|WWE

Personally, I’m heartbroken… and fear for what this means for the future of Team Rude.

But I know a lot of people were looking forward to the Mixed Match Challenge version of a “Cannonball Special” (which probably isn’t even legal under WWE mixed tag rules, but we’ll worry about that in a couple weeks when the Facebook Watch series starts), so, here you go…

Raw Women’s champion Alexa Bliss doesn’t seem entirely on-board with Braun Strowman’s “scare ‘em” strategy, so she may have bigger issues ahead of her than a pissed off best friendas this tournament rolls on.

If Renee Young is right/being given accurate information, pairings will be unveiled one at a time over the coming days. So start guessing Raw General Manager Kurt Angle’s next, and SmackDown GM Daniel Bryan’s first, team below.

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