WWE Smackdown Result:Renee Young interviews AJ Styles For Handicap Match

WWE Smackdown Result:Renee Young interviews AJ Styles

Styles and Young take a seat inside the ring. Young brings up Daniel Bryan’s controversial decision last week to book Styles in a handicap match to defend his WWE Championship at the Royal Rumble.
Sheasks Styles if that decision was a fair one.
Styles says he takes pride every time he competes in the ring. He regrets what he said at the close of the show last week and thought he was being sarcastic when he heard Daniel’s announcement. Styles says the strategy will be pretty simple at the Royal Rumble against Owens and Zayn: hit them hard and hit them fast.
  • Young says Styles didn’t really answer his question. 
  • Stylessays what Bryan did wasn’t fair, but life isn’t fair either.
  • He admits Owens and Zayn have earned non-title victories against him, but they don’t deserve a title shots together. 
  • Youngasks if Bryan is playing favorites. The crowd starts a loud “YES” chant. 
  • Stylessays he isn’t sure what Bryan is thinking and tries to stay out of his business.
  • Young asks if Shane McMahon has been playing favorites. 
  • Stylessays he doesn’t want to get between Shane and Bryan right now.
  • “I can’t allow those two idiots to take my title away from me.”
  • He says he will prove at the Royal Rumble that this, Smackdown Live…Styles gets interrupted on the mic.
Here comes Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn out on stage. Owens asks the audience to give it up for the WWE Champion and The Phenomenal AJ Styles. He then refers to him as the “regret” or “remorseful” AJ Styles. A loud “AJ STYLES” chant starts up. Owens says Styles is backtracking after putting his foot in his own mouth last week. Zayn tosses in a “yep.” Owens says it would take a miracle for Styles to beat two men. He says Styles has no chance of walking out of the handicap with that title. Zayn adds a yep. Owens says when it’s all said and done, at the Royal Rumble PPV, when the night is over, they will be the first co-WWE Champions. Zayn lets out another loud yep. Owens says they will turn Smackdown Live into the Kevin and Sami Show or the Sami and Kevin Show.
Here comes Shane McMahon with something to say. He has to agree with the champion in this situation. Shane says “nope” to it being fair to AJ Styles and he’s puzzled why Daniel Bryan would book this match in the first place. He doesn’t understand why Bryan would give the “yep clowns” another opportunity to become WWE Champion. Shane backs the decision to have this match at the Royal Rumble…”for now.” He says while they are discussing handicap matches, why not have one here tonight?
Backstage, Shane bumps into Daniel Bryan. He approves of the main event tonight.
Very good opener to build to what could be a fun main event featuring Owens and Zayn vs. Nakamura, Orton and Styles, really enjoying the constant tease of issues between Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan right now

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